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   On this page you will find links to some of Alan’s recent poems. Although many of his poems are in freestyle, a significant number of them are sonnets. One of Alan’s poetic missions is to contribute to a revival of the lost art of the sonnet — a poetic form which goes back to the knights and troubadours of the 13th century, when it began to spread like wildfire across Europe. Using fourteen lines with ten syllables on each line, it is perfectly suited to powerful and lyrically expressive ideas.


   Some have described Alan’s poetry as having an almost medieval feel of romanticism — as if they have been penned in earlier eras, when rhyme and alliteration were considerably more fashionable. In response, Alan writes: “Sometimes, when I feel a poem begin to well up inside me, it is as if I’ve been transported to another time and place — a world where creatures loved adventure and romance and each other with abandon; where a kiss was just a kiss and love was not a word polluted by the unvirtues of human folly”. On the other hand, some of his poems carry a sense of realism so stark that it can be shocking to the unsuspecting reader. As Alan says: “Surely that is the purpose of the poet: to reach into the reader’s chest and squeeze the heart till it almost bursts with passion, although I would want that to work reciprocally in both directions” — a reference to his poem “Oh You!”


Oh you! please take my shaky hand in one of yours;
the other one thrust deep into my chest
and rip the pulsing muscle through my shirt,
then we can both with passion be possessed!


   Whether it is a freestyle poem about the wonders of nature, the hell of alienation or the curse of addiction; or a sonnet about the glory and betrayal of love or even about sonnet-form itself, you can be sure that his work will leave you profoundly touched and, in some way, changed.

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Poems & sonnets written by Alan Morrison.
© Copyright, Alan Morrison


"Your book of poems will be a masterpiece! Some of your poems have been very emotional for me and touched my heart. I recognize myself in many of them and you have helped me to understand and see life more clearly"

— CK - Saffle, Sweden





"When I read the poem it feels like you paint with words. Enchanting!"

— J-O G - Värmlands Län, Sweden





"I want to express my admiration for the fantasic poetry that lives in you, and that you share with us. Your work touches me and sometimes very deeply (which is not very easily done). Some nights, when I cannot sleep, I've looked into your poetry. Just a little can be enough to give so much. There are such beautiful words in sentences sometimes brutally honest. Honesty, disclosure, beauty. I think you are awesome!"

— JB - Göteborg, Sweden





"Alan Morrison performs as a singular poet out of his time for our Time — a significant wordsmith who evokes our conscience, our sensibilities and our passions with tender forthrightness — boldly bringing the cosmos to our hearts and lighting up our minds. Reading Alan's work changes one but not with the obvious.".

 — DJS - San Diego, USA





"Truly beautiful. You are an amazing artist & poet".

 — AF - Washington DC, USA