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   “To be overtaken by music I regard as a necessity of life. I will be enslaved to nothing apart from music, for nothing else deserves it. To be overtaken by music I regard as the ultimate privilege. It is the only air I breathe and it is the blood which courses around my arteries and veins. It is life itself in sound. I want it to wash over me and through me forever...”.    

— Alan Morrison       




So you can keep in touch with Alan's heart in realtime, here are some of his latest lyrics of as yet unrecorded songs as well as 12 samples from the album "Ride my Heart". You can click on each title to see the lyrics of these tracks.

Alan's music has a style all of its own. Although it has been described by one reviewer as a balance between "English folk rock, alternative country and singer-songwriter melancholy", it is so much more than that. Whether it is a slow ballad to tear out your heart or a more upbeat piece to shake up your mind or a ‘song of conscience’ on a controversial social issue, its aim is always lyrical communication. One musician listener said: "Your music always makes me want to sing and cry!"

All Alan's writings are love songs in one form or another, either about actual affairs of the heart or providing a commentary on the issues which can affect people's lives. His songs aim to encourage people to think, to inspire them to live, feel and to love and to stimulate personal change.


“My words are music from the heart - poetry set to harmony - love songs for the soul", explains Alan. "I want to reach people with my work by encouraging them to delve deeply into a well of emotional experience and, as a result, to be enriched and even changed. The role of the wordsmith — whether poet or songwriter — should not merely be to provide entertainment but form a fruitful bridge with the listener”.

Creating profound, thought-provoking poems and lyrics wth fine-lined melodies — coupled with an empathy for the privileges and perils of human passion — Alan creates islands of love and conscience: music from the heart for the soul.

In an age of ersatz and apathy, his works blow an emotionally urgent breeze into the musical and literary scene of the 21st century.



"My friend told me how lovely she thinks your music is. I had to find out for myself so I listened to your songs. What really touched me was your lyrics... straight into my heart... absolutely beautiful. As I felt them, I recognised myself."

— CH - Karlstad, Sweden





"Your music always makes me want to sing and cry!".

 — ACH - Arvika, Sweden





"I don't know how or why you came into my life, Alan. But your latest album is abolutely fantastic! I have enjoyed every single millimeter of it! And I have really been listening, with the lyrics in my hand and the CD on. You are absolutely a gift for the poetic and lyrical ear and understanding. Even if country music is not one of my favorite music genres, I experienced you as a fabulous connection to the people. Thank you, Alan, for being you!".

 — MEH - Lillestrøm, Norway