Alan Morrison - Wordsmith


Alan Morrison is an English writer, poet, guitarist, songwriter and performer.
   Alan started writing when his age was still in single figures — under the bedclothes at night with a torch, pencil and toilet paper. (You could easily write on it in those days — it was crisper!). His wordsmithing has taken on several shapes since then in a long life-quest through the realms of social work, counselling and freelance journalism, as well in as a personal pilgrimage through the siren spheres of spirituality. But when all has been stripped away and his soul laid bare before the Muse, his heart has always been that of a poet.

   Alan has a love relationship with the written word. It would not be unusual to find him reading the Oxford English Dictionary (20 volume edition), Roget's Thesaurus and Fowler's Dictionary of Modern English Usage just for fun. He puts it like this: “Words are living things. They have a life of their own. They are immensely powerful and can have a hugely significant impact on the minds and life-paths of others. Just as people can listen to a great symphony and be changed by it (if they are open to that), so they can also be changed by a book or a poem or even a mere string of words”.

   Seeking the poetry in everything, everywhere, has been Alan’s mission from as far back as he can remember. Where there is no poetry — whether in people or situations — he either creates some or moves on. This is the life of the troubadour, a life to which Alan aspires with all his heart.

   Having always played music and always written poems, it was long overdue when Alan began to bring the two together, just after the turn of the century, in the art of songwriting. As Alan puts it: “I began to give some of my poems musical wings to make them fly as songs”. Both his poetry and his songs are characterised by a deep romanticism (which seems as if it’s from a bygone age of knights and ladyes and medieval maybes), a stylishly heart-stripping realism, coupled with a warm and relevant social conscience.

   Alan is also a dedicated guitarist, accompanying himself in performance. He learned his first chords from a beatnik on the beach in Bournemouth in the UK when he was 17 years old and he is “still rocking after all these years”!

   After attending a songwriter's retreat led by Donovan and Maria McKee in the UK in 2009, Alan established contact with some Swedish musicians and the Swedish record company which would go on to issue his 2010 CD album, "Ride my Heart". As a result of this production and the ensuing concert engagements, his music found a place in a number of people's hearts in Scandinavia, where the more soul-searching aspects of his repertoire are readily appreciated.

   Currently, Alan - as a multi-disciplinary artist - is involved in a number of projects. He is continuing to prepare a book of poems, sonnets and songs for publication at the end of 2012, entitled "Vagrant on the Hinterland of Time", as well as working on a didactic novel and other literary productions. In the first half of 2012, he was organising performance projects in France, where he was acting in a professional theatrical production of an English theatre company and writing/performing the incidental music for the stage. In July 2012, he will begin recording his next CD which, Alan says, "I want to be the best work of art I have ever created". Containing seventeen top musicians playing twenty-one instruments (including a string section, cor anglais and French horn), this CD will be launched early in the Autumn of 2012.